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Many people don’t realize just how time consuming owning a piece of investment property is until they’re already well into the thick of it. It isn’t just about buying when the market is low and finding the right person or family to rent to – there’s also a great deal more than that. You have to know exactly how to market a property, for example, to help it stand out against every other home on the market at the same time. iStock_000002756763_LargeYou need to know exactly how to separate the good applicants from the bad to make sure that your investment dreams don’t turn into a nightmare once your tenant moves in. As a landlord, it’s also your responsibility to take care of the property and handle all issues that aren’t related to normal “wear and tear.” If a water pipe breaks in the middle of the night, it is up to you to handle it.

Or, you could let the dedicated professionals at Town N Ranch Realty & Property Management take some of those responsibilities off of your plate. By entering into a partnership, we’ll take care of all of those daily stresses so that you don’t have to. We’ll get your property ready for the market and will list it with the best possible results. We’ll bring you only the highest quality tenants and we’ll even take care of daily maintenance. All you have to worry about is watching the mailbox for the monthly financial statement that we’ll send you.